Unique portfolio for metal 3D-printing

With over 40 qualified metal materials, Rosswag Engineering offers a globally unique selection and thus the right material for many metal 3D-printing applications. The classification of the materials in Technology Readiness Level (TRL) shows the maturity of a material from initial qualification to series production. As a customer, you benefit from our expertise in processing all materials in a holistic process chain with the appropriate process parameters in each case.


Worldwide Fastest material qualification

The in-house process chain at Rosswag enables holistic and rapid material qualification for additive manufacturing. From the atomization of individual alloys to metal powder, over parameter studies in the metal 3D-printing process, up to the analysis of the test specimens, very short cycle times can be realized. You can obtain initial information on the processing of your new material within just a few days.


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We are the only TÜV certified metal 3D-printing service provider with the possibility to produce individual metal powders according to customer requirements. Thus, we can offer you an efficient production of the metal powders up to a quantity of approx. 50 kg within the shortest possible time. The processing through sieving and air classification, characterization, quality assurance and full chemical analysis is conducted in-house to control all processes, data and interfaces.

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