Nickel 3D-printing with materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy and waspaloy

Nickel-based materials impress with their high strength and excellent properties under extreme operating conditions. These include, for example, high temperatures up to over 1,000 °C and corrosive surrounding media. Typical applications are found, for example, in turbine blades of gas turbines or aircraft engines. A component produced from metal powder in metal 3D-printing also meets your requirements in the field of prototyping or series application.

With over 40 qualified metal materials, Rosswag Engineering offers a globally unique selection and thus the right material for many metal 3D printing applications. The classification of the materials in Technology Readiness Level (TRL) shows the maturity of a material from initial qualification to series production.
As a customer, you benefit from our expertise in processing all materials in a holistic process chain with the appropriate process parameters in each case.

Nickel-based materials



Material compositionTechnology ReadinessSpecial featuresIndustriesApplication examples
Inconel® 625Level 7-9Very good weldability, Creep resistance up to 700°C, Acid resistant, Resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion, Very good corrosion resistance (sea water resistant)Chemical industry, Offshore, Nuclear industryAircraft engines, heat exchangers
Inconel® 718Level 7-9Creep resistance up to 700°C, High tensile strength, High yield strength, Can be used in sour gas environments (H2S, Co2, chlorides), Very good corrosion resistance (sea water resistant)Aerospace, Oil & Gas industryTurbine discs / blades, gas turbines, automotive turbochargers, springs and fasteners, heat-resistant tools for forging, extrusion presses and cut-off shears, pump shafts, borehole components, exhaust systems, connecting rod bolts, safety valves
VDM® Alloy 699 XALevel 7-9Oxidation resistant to metal dust, Good weldability, Very good corrosion resistance to high temperature corrosionPetrochemical industryPower2X applications, components for the production of hydrogen, ammonia and methanol, cooling components for synthetic gas production
Hastelloy XLevel 7-9High heat resistance , Oxidation resistant up to 2200°C, Stress corrosion resistant, Formable, WeldablePetrochemichal industry, Energy ProductionGas turbines, industrial furnaces, transition ducts, combustion chambers, afterburners, spray bars
ABD®-900 AMLevel 4-6Hardenable, Nickel-based superalloy, High creep behavior, High tensile strength, Corrosion resistant, Oxidation resistant up to 900°CAerospace, Automotive industryTurbomachinery, gas turbines, turbochargers
Waspaloy®Level 1-3Hardenable, Nickel based superalloy, High strength, Oxidation resistantApparatus construction for high temperature, Plant and mechanical engineeringGas turbines, seals, rings, shafts, turbine disks
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