Metal 3D-printing with steels and other iron-based materials fit in to a wide range of applications due to the high material strength. From stainless steels to tool steels to quenched and tempered steels, we are sure you’ll find a material that meets the requirements for your application. If not, we can also qualify new materials for you.

Our metal 3D-printing systems, based on the Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) technology, process a wide variety of metal materials. The iron-based materials can meet any requirement of your components whether in prototyping, tooling, special applications and series production.

With over 40 qualified metal materials, Rosswag Engineering offers a globally unique selection and thus the right material for many iron-based, steel-based and stainless steel 3D printing applications. The classification of the materials in Technology Readiness Level (TRL) shows the maturity of a material from initial qualification to series production.
As a customer, you benefit from our expertise in processing all materials in a holistic process chain with the appropriate process parameters in each case.

Iron-based materials



Material compositionTechnology ReadinessSpecial featuresIndustriesApplication examples
1.4404 | AlSI 316LLevel 7-9Temperature range up to 550°C, Good corrosion resistance (PREN 15-32), Corrosion resistant against intergranular corrosion up to 300°C, Pressure equipment verificationChemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, Container constructionHeat exchangers, condensers, housings, capacitors, spare parts, medical devices, prototypes
1.2709 | AlSI M300Level 7-9Martensite hardenable, Tool steel, Toughness, High yield strength , High tensile strengthTool and mold making, Plant and mechanical engineeringMold inserts with internal cooling channels, light build parts, die-cast and plastic molds
Invar 36®Level 7-9Low thermal expansion up to 250°C, Toughness, DuctilityOptoelectronics industry, Electronics industry, Petrochemical industryAircraft control components, optical and laser systems, measuring instruments, stencils for electronic devices, cyrogenic components
1.4828 | AlSI 309Level 7-9Temperature range up to 1000°C, High Strength, Scale resistant , Good weldability, Machinable, Good corrosion resistance (PREN 15-32)Apparatus engineering for high temperature applications, Automotive industry, Petrochemical industry, Furnace constructionHeat exchangers, chains, sieves and grids
1.4545 | 15-5 PHLevel 7-9Temperature range from -200°C to 300°C, Stainless steel, High strength, Ductility, Good corrosion resistance (PREN 15-32), Good weldability, Good forgeabilityMechanical Engineering , Automotive industry, Offshore, AerospacePumps and valves in high-pressure systems, hydraulic drives
Specialis®Level 7-9Martensite hardenable, High performance hot work steel, Hardness adjustable with heat treatment, High hardnessTool and mold makingMoulds, dies, tools
1.7225 | 42CrMo4Level 7-9Quenched and tempered steel, High tensile strength, High toughness, Surface layer hardenablePlant and mechanical engineeringHighly stressed components, axles, connecting rods, gear shafts, toothed rudders
1.4021 | AlSI 420Level 4-6Martensite hardenable, Acid resistant, Corrosion resistant (PREN 5-15), PolishableMechanical industry, Hydraulic industry, Medical industry, Petroleum industry, Petrochemichal industryApplications in moderately aggressive, chloride-free media, such as organic acids, soaps and solvents
1.3964 | AlSI XM19Level 4-6Not magnetizable, Very good corrosion resistance (sea water resistant), Machinable, High tensile strength, High yield strengthOffshore, Ship construction, Submarine construction, Food industrySubmarine and offshore components
1.4462 | AlSI 318LNLevel 4-6Austenitic ferritic duplex steel, High yield strength, Resistant to pitting and surface corrosion, Very good corrosion resistance (sea water resistant)On- and Offshore, Chemichal industry, Food industry, Mechanical engineeringComponents for transfering fluids, e.g. molten salt of solar thermal power plants with highly corrosive environments, pipes and containers for CO2 storage, production components of ethanol (biofuel)
1.4923 | X22CrMoV12-1Level 1-3Highly heat resistant chrome steel, Limited weldability, Temperature range up to 580°C, Corrosion resistant (PREN 5-15)Chemichal industry, AerospaceSteam turbines, pressure vessels, reactor technology
1.4521 | AlSI 444Level 1-3Good corrosion resistance (PREN 15-32), Without added nickelFood industryHeat exchangers, drinking water pipes
1.4901 | X10CrWMoVNb 9-2Level 1-3Temperature range up to 650°C, Long term temperature resistant up to 500°CPlant and pressure vessel construction, Power plant industryPressure vessels, power plant construction
1.3343 | AlSI M2Level 1-3High speed steel, High toughness, High compressive strength, Hardenable, Nitratable, Coatable, Adhesive and abrasive wear propertiesTool makingCutting tools, forming tools (drilling. milling and sawing tools), cutting punches, dies and cold extrusion punches
1.4906 | X12CrMoWVNbN10-1-1Level 1-3High temperature steel, Temperature range up to 600°CPlant and pressure vessel construction, Power plant industryPressure vessels, power plant construction
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