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Material Characteristics

The stainless austenitic steel 316L has a good resistant to corrosion. It can be used for temperatures up to 550 °C. Due to its resistance to intergranular corrosion at temperatures below 300 °C, this material is frequently used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry applications. The good weldability of 316L leads to an excellent processability in Laser Powder Bed Fusion and a wide applicability.

PropertiesUnitAs built 1)
Tensile Strength RmMpa775 ±20
Yield Strength Rp0,2MPa 600 ±20
Elongation at Break A5% 20 ±5
Young‘s Modulus EGPa165 ±5
Hardness HV250 ±5

Chemical Composition

ElementMass Fraction [%]
Cr20.0 - 23.0
Fe17.0 - 20.0
Mo8.0 - 10,0
Co0.50 - 2.50
Si≤ 1.0
W0.20 - 1.0
Mn≤ 1.0
C0.05 - 0.15
P≤ 0.04
S≤ 0.03

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