Metal powder Atomization

We produce metal powders of the highest quality from known or individually alloyed materials in a TÜV-certified process chain for metal 3D-printing.

The Atomiser AU 3000 from BluePower Casting Systems was developed for the fast and economical production of small quantities of high-quality metal powders up to about 50 kg. Compared to large production systems, frequent alloy changes are also possible without cross-contamination.

With crucible-based system, argon hot gas flow and the close-coupled atomizer, liquid metal becomes spherical metal powder for additive manufacturing processes in the atomization chamber.





Metal powder Processing

With our processing systems, we can optimize the metal powders for metal 3D-printing by air classification, sieving and drying.

The quality of the metal powder used is crucial for high reproducibility in the additive manufacturing process. Characteristic features here are, for example, the particle size distribution, the particle shape and the residual moisture. These have a decisive influence on the bulk density and flowability of the metal powder. The energy input of the laser, which depends on the metal powder, has a direct effect on the material structure and the functional properties of the component. Comprehensive quality assurance with subsequent processing is necessary to control the parameters mentioned and for additive manufacturing of high-quality components with good mechanical-technological properties.



Metal Powder Analytics

In our modern and extensively equipped laboratory, the metal powders can be fully analyzed.

  • Full chemical analysis with the Bruker S8 Tiger according to DIN 51418-1:2008-08 and DIN 51418-2:2015-03

  • ONH analysis (oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analysis) with the Bruker G8 Galileo according to DIN EN ISO 15351:2010-08

  • CS analysis (carbon and sulfur analysis) with the Bruker G4 Icarus according to DIN EN ISO 15350:2010-08

  • Particle size distribution and particle shape of metal powder with the Retsch Camsizer X2 according to ISO 13322-2

  • Flowability and bulk density using Hall flowmeter according to DIN EN ISO 4490-1 and DIN EN ISO 3923-1

  • Coating suitability with own recoater test


Cooperation with the SLM Solutions Group AG

SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading supplier of systems for metal 3D-printing, has agreed a cooperation with Rosswag as well as with the recycling company CRONIMET. The aim of the cooperation is to provide customers with efficient access to new powder materials for the further industrialization of additive manufacturing technologies.


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