Edelstahl Rosswag and Rosswag Engineering Tradition meets innovation

With more than 200 employees, the family-run Rosswag GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of forged components up to 4.5 t unit weight, which are manufactured in-house in an integrated process chain.

Edelstahl Rosswag

Since 2014, the Rosswag Engineering division has been drawing on more than 110 years of experience in the processing of more than 400 different metal materials and expanding its range of services to include engineering services and additive manufacturing processes.


1911 - Foundation of Rosswag GmbH by August Roßwag as forge and mechanical workshop

1971 - Relocation of the plant from the town center to its present location

1979 - Commissioning of the first ring rolling mill

1982 - Conversion to CNC machining

1989 - Establishment of a laboratory for quality assurance

1998 - Inauguration of new production hall for mechanical processing

2009 - Commissioning of a 3,500 t high-performance forging press

2014 - Foundation of the Rosswag Engineering division and procurement of the first SLM®280 laser melting system

2017 - Procurement of further SLM®280 laser melting systems and an atomization system for the production of special metal powders

2018 - Cooperation with the software company ANSYS to optimize process simulation for metal 3D-printing

2019 - Certification by TÜV Süd as the world's first manufacturer for the production of metal powders and additively manufactured series components

2019 - Inauguration of new production hall for mechanical processing with more than 3,000 sqm

2020 - Finalist of the German Innovation Award and by then already received 5 awards for the innovation strategy

2021 - Milestone: More than 60,000 functional components additively manufactured from over 40 different metal materials


Family run in 5th generation | 200 Employees | 40,000,000 € Revenue



Unique variety

400 Materials

7,000 t Starting material





Our team We stand ready

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