18% Ni Maraging 300


Material Characteristics

The maraging hot-work tool steel alloy M300 has a good temperature resistance and toughness. Possible use cases include tool and casting moulds with internal cooling channels. After the AM process, heat treatment processes can be performed to increase hardness up to 54 HRC.

PropertiesUnitAs built 1)Heat-treated 2)
Tensile Strength RmMpa1200 ±502100 ±50
Yield Strength Rp0,2MPa 1000 ±50 2000 ±50
Elongation at Break A5% 12 ±2 5 ±1
Young‘s Modulus EGPa 175 ±5 195 ±5
Hardness HRC 34 ±1 53 ±1
  1. The specified material properties were determined at room temperature. They are multidimensionally dependent on many different machine and process parameters. Without further investigation, the material properties do not constitute a sufficient basis for component dimensioning.
  2. Specific heat treatment processes lead to optimized mechanical-technological properties to meet the component requirements.

Chemical Composition

ElementMass Fraction [%]
Ni18.0 - 19.0
Co8.50 - 9.50
Mo4.70 - 5.20
Ti0.50 - 0.80
C≤ 0.03
Si≤ 0.10
Mn≤ 0.10
P≤ 0.01
S≤ 0.01
Al0.05- 0.15

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