Metal 3D-printing with cobalt, titanium and aluminium materials

Metal 3D-printing with special materials made of aluminum, titanium or cobalt enables the production of highly functional components for a wide range of series and special applications. The characteristic properties of aluminum and titanium in terms of low density result in lightweight yet strong components. Prototyping and functional lightweight construction in series applications can be excellently realized with these alloys in additive manufacturing.

With over 40 qualified metal materials, Rosswag Engineering offers a globally unique selection and thus the right material for many metal 3D printing applications. The classification of the materials in Technology Readiness Level (TRL) shows the maturity of a material from initial qualification to series production.
As a customer, you benefit from our expertise in processing all materials in a holistic process chain with the appropriate process parameters in each case.


Other materials


The aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg is characterized by good thermal conductivity at low material density. In combination with its good mechanical machinability and high build rate, the material is ideal for additive prototyping. Applications can be found in lightweight construction, aerospace technology and the automotive industry.

Tensile strength Rm = 475 ±15 MPa*
Yield strengt Rp0.2 = 295 ±15 MPa*
Elongation at Break A5 = 7 ±2 %*

* State: „As-built“
Optimization of mechanical-technological properties possible through specific heat treatment




TiAl6V4 is one of the most commonly used titanium alloys and is characterized by high specific strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Also due to its good weldability, the titanium alloy is mostly used in the aerospace industry, in the automotive industry but also in medical technology due to its very good biocompatibility. Additive manufacturing technology, in conjunction with the titanium alloy, offers a wide range of possibilities for functional lightweight construction.

Tensile strength Rm = 1280 ±20 MPa*
Yield strength Rp0.2 = 1110 ±20 MPa*
Elongation at Break A5 = 9 ±1 %*

* State: „As-built“
Optimization of mechanical-technological properties possible through specific heat treatment




The cobalt-chromium alloy 2.4979 is particularly corrosion-resistant and at the same time biocompatible. Therefore, the alloy is particularly common for the production of implants in medical and dental technology. In addition, the material impresses with its temperature resistance and high ductility combined with equally high hardness. Due to the large proportion of cobalt in the alloy, machining presents a challenge. Therefore, processing with LPBF methods represents an ideal symbiosis between material and manufacturing process for complex component geometries.



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AlMgty80 is a material system consisting of the alloying elements aluminum and magnesium. The material is therefore a cost-effective but equally value-added alternative to other aluminum alloys for the additive manufacturing process. The material is corrosion resistant, polishable and can be anodized.



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