Automotive Steel 42CrMo4 AISI 4140 1.7225

Your standard Q&T steel AISI 4140 / 1.7225 / 42CrMo4 with superior mechanical properties ready to #3DPrint 🚗⚙️💪 #MaterialsMonday

The potential of #MetalAM for high-end automotive and industrial applications is enormous! And at Rosswag Engineering we have a well-known and fitting material qualified for protoyping and serial applications.

With the Q&T steel qualification of AISI 4140 / 1.7225 / 42CrMo4 we achieved superior mechanical properties with optimized process parameters and alloy chemistry. We tested countless material properties and can also deliver fatigue results with our unique flat-bending test according to DIN 50142.

The material is currently running on one of our SLM Solutions SLM280 systems. We can therefore realize potential projects with short delivery times.

Feel free to contact us for an offer or further discussion ☎️📧

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