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Small particles with big dreams on #MaterialsMonday

A small Specialis® particle produced by our atomizer can be transformed into many shapes by our LPBF Systems. But whether it ends up being a tool for stamping, injection molding or cutting, you can rely on the excellent mechanical properties:

✅ High hardness up to 810 HV (65 HRC) after heat treatment
✅ Low thermal expansion coefficient
✅ Good polishability
✅ High wear and corrosion resistance
✅ Superior high temperature strength and high temperature hardness
✅ Usable up to 550 °C and 19 kN pressing force without plastic deformation

Further information:

Other exclusive MetalAM materials by Rosswag Engineering: www.linkedin.com
Specialis® material datasheet: www.rosswag-engineering.de
Open Access Article - Unlock full potential of MetalAM for voxel-graded materials with synchronized dual-laser LPBF processing: www.linkedin.com

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