We want more Metal AM materials industrialization

Who cares about the fast qualification of new MetalAM materials ❓ MaterialsMonday

We see an increasing demand for special MetalAM materials for new applications and products. But the industrialization of MetalAM is lagging behind because nobody wants to take the costs and risks for the complex material qualification.

Harsh statement - but we see some strong indications:
❌ System providers focus on system sales and don't want to invest in "niche materials"
❌ Metal powder providers focus on large quantities and already qualified materials
❌ Service providers don't want to change materials too often and shy away from qualification costs an risks
➡️ No suitable material available for AM application of end customer

We at Rosswag Engineering want to tackle this issue and help the #MetalAM industry to grow by providing a higher amount of qualified materials 💪 With every new material added to our intelligent database, we get a better unterstanding regarding the material-dependent relationships between the different process parameters 📈

Our vision since 2014 ➡️ Build the world's most efficient qualification framework for new MetalAM materials to satisfy on-demand needs within agile and innovative development processes 🚀

⚙️ Holistic in-house process chain with small-batch metal powder atomization
📅 Initial results after 2-4 weeks ➡️ No time and resources wasted ❗
🤓 Science-oriented with DoE and process simulation software
✅ Qualification process chain validated on more than 40 LPBF materials
🤝 All material and data from one single source

Further information:

  • Podcast Druckwelle by VDI and Ingenieur.de about the qualification of new MetalAM materials (in 🇩🇪): druckwelle.podigee.io
  • Our challenge regarding the MetalAM material availability in comparison with conventional manufacturing technologies: Picture
  • Exclusive MetalAM materials by Rosswag Engineering: www.linkedin.com
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