VDMA Platform Economy Webinar

How the #MetalAM industry benefits from digital platforms without production outsourcing ❓☝️

👉 Learn more in the webinar "News from the AM scene" on 21 April 2023 by VDMA
👉 Our colleague Philipp Schwarz talks about: "Platform economy + metal 3D printing - opportunities and challenges".
👉 Case study insights of AddiMap

Digital platforms & metal 3D printing are a perfect combination. The complexity of additive manufacturing processes can overwhelm users, making it difficult to develop new applications. Parameter studies are often carried out instead of producing value-added components. Financially incentivised data exchange via a platform allows access to validated know-how. In this lecture, the opportunities and challenges of this platform approach for metal 3D printing will be presented in a practical way.

👉 Further information and registration: www.vdma.org

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