VDMA Power2X Konferenz Frankfurt

Last week the VDMA #P2X Conference took place in Frankfurt. Our colleagues Dr. Daniel Beckers and Philipp Schwarz attended the high-level conference to strengthen our knowledge in Power2X applications.

Our partner Dr. Wolfgang Bender from Hülsenbusch gave a presentation on our ultra-compact heat-exchangers HPEX® and all participants received our HPEX keychain.

In the last months and years we have strengthened our #MetalAM services and material portfolio for new energy applications!

✅ Thermal Management with HPEX® in Fuell Cell and Electrolysis
✅ Nickel Based Superalloys for complex high-temperature applications
✅ @VDM Metals Alloy 699 XA for superior metal dusting resistance in synthesis gas applications

We are convinced that hydrogen and green efuels will play a key role in the future energy supply of our open-die forge and other energy-intensive processes at Rosswag Engineering and Edelstahl Rosswag.

💡 Learn more about our heat-exchangers on www.hpex.eu

Thanks to Peter Müller-Baum and his team for the organization and the important work of VDMA

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