VDM Alloy 699 XA

VDM Metals Group VDM® Alloy 699 XA now qualified at Rosswag Engineering #MaterialsMonday

This nickel-chromium-aluminum alloy patented by VDM Metals is characterised by an excellent metal dusting resistance and a pretty interesting material for next generation #MetalAM applications in #Power2X applications.

What is metal dusting ❓

Metal dusting occurs in an average temperature range between 400°C and 800°C. The risk of metal dusting increases with very high carbon concentrations (activities) in the process gas or on the material surface. Metal dusting stands for a complex form of high-temperature corrosion in which the attacks occur seemingly randomly distributed over the material surface.

Fields of application of VDM® Alloy 699 XA (2.4842 / N06699):

☑️ Applications in the petrochemical industry
☑️ Synthesis gas processes for the production of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol
☑️ Cooling of synthesis gas in the production of e-fuel

Combined with the advantages of Additive Manufacturing VDM® Alloy 699 can be an enabler for demanding Power2X applications.

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