Biden announces AM Forward program

President Biden is pushing AdditiveManufacturing demand with announced AM Forward program. But isn't there something missing 🤔 MaterialsMonday

What the AM Forward program is intended to do for the AM community:

🔵 OEMs like GE, Lockheed, Raytheon, Siemens Energy, Honeywell, and Northrop Grumman should invest in AM systems and developments
🔵 OEMs should provide demand signals to source AM parts from SMEs
🔵 More demand and more qualified suppliers leads to accelerated industrialization of AM ecosytem

What we think is not fully taken into account:

🔵 There are still a lot of qualified materials missing to fully exploit the industrial advantages of Metal AM
🔵 Wouldn't it be more efficient to rely on the already available groundwork than letting all SMEs learn their own lessons - see AddiMap for more details

Read the full article on Forbes: www-forbes-com

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