NEO Award Review

Review: NEO Innovation Award 🏆 for the world's fastest #MetalAM material qualification on #MaterialsMonday

It has already been 1 year since Rosswag Engineering and Edelstahl Rosswag were awarded with the NEO #Innovation Award from Technologieregion Karlsruhe for the successful business transformation.

What was part of our submission to win the award ❓

👉 The #MetalAM technologies needs a broader material diversity to leverage its full technological and economic potential
👉 Only ~40 #MetalAM materials qualified for serial manufacturing vs. 2500+ metal materials for conventinal manufacturing
👉 Our holistic and internal process chain with enables the initial qualification of a new material within just 4 weeks

Learn more about the word's fastest #MetalAM material qualification process and our extensive material portfolio:

Further information:

  • Trade optimized LPBF parameters on AddiMap and profit from +80% productivity and new materials 🚀
  • You want to have a look at our extensive #MetalAM material portfolio? Check our material database:
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