Ultrastrong titanium alloys

Highest specific strength 💪 Metal #3dprinting ultrastrong titanium alloys with an unique microstructure on #MaterialsMonday

Applications in aerospace, automotive and energy industry all have one thing in common: The demand for high strength materials is greater than ever to meet the requirements of new regulations and more sustainable products.

The publication "Ultrastrong nanotwinned titanium alloys through additive manufacturing" highlights the great advantage of the LPBF process to create unique microstructures which results in superior mechanical properties and can be tailored by heat treatment. This research paves the way for "out-of-the-box" materials only feasible to produce by #MetalAM

Further information:

  • Read the paper "Ultrastrong nanotwinned titanium alloys through additive manufacturing": https://doi.org
  • You want to have a look at our extensive #MetalAM material portfolio? Check our material database: www.rosswag-engineering.de
  • Trade optimized LPBF parameters on AddiMap and profit from +80% productivity and new materials 🚀 www.addimap.com
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