TCT Materials Award Finalist

Wow 🤩 We are a finalist on TCT Awards 2022 🏆

Specialis® has been developed for the LBPF and DED processes, promising high temperature strength and high temperature hardness, and modifications preventing micro-cracking issues. It boasts an as-printed hardness of 30-40 HRC and can reach a hardness of above 65 HRC with a heat treatment process. The material can be used up to 550°C for a broad range of tool applications, with machining and polishing helping to achieve the final tool geometry.

Do you want to optimize your thermally stressed moulds, dies or tools with conformal cooling channels? Are you desperately looking for a suitable material for high temperature strength and high temperature hardness? 🧐

We can help you out with Specialis®! 🤙

Further information:

  • More information regarding the TCT award event on 8th June 2022:
  • Your material is not yet qualified for Metal AM? Get a free qualification worth €50,000+ on AddiMap:
  • Tailored MetalAM materials with our high-strength Specialis® tool steel:
  • Take a look at the fundamental Specialis® paper "Characterization of a Novel Maraging Steel for Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion: Optimization of Process Parameters and Post Heat Treatments":
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