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Why to use tailor-made MetalAM materials ❓ MaterialsMonday
A look in the future from Olaf Diegel and Terry Wohlers in the latest issue of Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine

"Today, only a few alloys, such as Scalmalloy, have been developed specifically for metal AM. This field will experience significant developments in the coming decade. Watch for entirely new alloys that deliver better performance at lower cost…"

We at Rosswag Engineering believe the current state of MetalAM materials is just the beginning of the an exponential growth. And a greater material diversity is desperately needed to enable more industrial applications the use of functionally optimized #MetalAM parts.

Extract from our recent achievements:

🔵 Qualification of AISI 4140 (modified chemistry) ➡️ Better mechanical results as-printed than forged + heat treatment

🔵 Qualification of M350 steel (modified chemistry) under the name Specialis® ➡️ Hardness up to 65 HRC after heat treatment and thus world's hardest LPBF-printable maraging steel

Our vision since 2014: Build the world's most efficient qualification framework for new MetalAM materials to satisfy on-demand needs within agile and innovative development processes!

⚙️ Holistic in-house process chain with small-batch metal powder atomization

📅 Initial results after 2-4 weeks -> No time and resources wasted

🤓 Science-oriented with DoE and process simulation software

✅ Qualification process chain validated on more than 40 LPBF materials

🤝 All material and data from one single source

👇 Sources and more information in the comments 👇

Further information:

  • Full article in Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine: https://issuu.com
  • Exclusive MetalAM materials by Rosswag Engineering: www.linkedin.com
  • New milestone achieved with 60,000 MetalAM parts produced since 2014 with 40 different materials: www.linkedin.com
  • Open Access Article - Unlock full potential of MetalAM for voxel-graded materials with synchronized dual-laser LPBF processing: www.linkedin.com
  • Exponential growth of AM material patent applications: www.linkedin.com
  • Automating MetalAM Process Parameter Development: www.linkedin.com
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