Test the worlds hardest LPBF tool steel: Specialis®!

Interested in testing our Specialis®? World's hardest maraging tool steel for LPBF is ready to be send out to you! 📈 Learn more at #MaterialsMonday

Rosswag Engineering did build test samples to be send out to anyone who is interested into challenging the final hardness after heat treatment for 65 HRC. But that's not the only USP of this new high-performance teel specialized for thermal resilient moulds, dies and tools. We discovered a special resilience against cracks, also without any pre heating with our SLM Solution systems.💪

✉️ Feel free to reach out to us for some test samples as build + heat treated!

🌟 Some highlights of the Specialis® material:

✅ Hardness up to 65 HRC / 820 HV after heat treatment
✅ High wear and corrosion resistance
✅ Superior high temperature strength and high temperature hardness compared to M300 and H13
✅ Good polishability

You have questions or applications in mind ❓ Get in touch 🤙 We can also add just small test pieces or first prototypes for testing Specialis®

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