LK-99 Super Conductor Hype

LK-99 - A super conductor at room temperature ❓ What a hype last week 😮
Are you as sceptical as the scientific community ❓ 🤔

We at Rosswag Engineering currently have no disruptive superconductor material qualified for #MetalAM 😥
But for example the world's hardest maraging tool steel for LPBF - our exclusive Specialis® ✅

So let's focus less on hypes and provide field-proven facts about our #MetalAM materials:

✅ Hardness up to 65 HRC / 820 HV after heat treatment
✅ High wear and corrosion resistance
✅ Superior high temperature strength and high temperature hardness compared to M300 and H13
✅ Good polishability

You have questions or applications in mind❓ Get in touch 🤙

🔎 Browse our extensive #MetalAM material database:

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