Specialis tool steel ramps up

World's hardest maraging tool steel for LPBF is ramping up 📈 Learn more at #MaterialsMonday

We received the first big batch of more than 300 kg Specialis® metal powder according to our exclusive material specification. Now we can finally start printing big tooling components for demanding industries with our SLM Solutions systems 💪

We are looking forward to our optimization projects in injection moulding, die casting, cutting and machining tools 🚀

🌟 Some highlights of the Specialis® material:
✅ Hardness up to 65 HRC / 820 HV after heat treatment
✅ High wear and corrosion resistance
✅ Superior high temperature strength and high temperature hardness compared to M300 and H13
✅ Good polishability

You have questions or applications in mind ❓ Get in touch 🤙

🔎 Browse our extensive #MetalAM material database: www.rosswag-engineering.com


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