Strenghtening mechanisms of Specialisr

💡 Deep dive into the strengthening mechanisms of world's hardest LPBF maraging tool steel Specialis® on #MaterialsMonday

Kudos to our partners at IAM-WK: Institute for Applied Materials, KIT and especially Niki Nouri for publishing the great research paper with the title "Characterization of phase transformation and strengthening mechanisms in a novel maraging steel produced using laser-based powder bed fusion"

Highlights of the paper:
👉 Addition of V and Al leads to grain refinement in maraging steels.
👉 Intermetallic phases Ni3Ti and Fe2Mo are identified as hardening precipitates.
👉 The contributions of Hall-Petch and Orowan strengthening are separately calculated.

👉 The calculations show good agreement with the measured tensile strength difference.

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Highlights of our exclusive Specialis® tool steel:

✅ Hardness up to 65 HRC / 820 HV after heat treatment
✅ High wear and corrosion resistance
✅ Superior high temperature strength and high temperature hardness compared to M300 and H13
✅ Good polishability

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