New Specialis® paper released

Hard, harder … Specialis® 🔨 New paper for our exclusive high-performance Specialis® tool steel is now available 🆕MaterialsMonday

Do you want to optimize your thermally stressed moulds, dies or tools with conformal cooling channels? Are you desperately looking for a suitable material for high temperature strength and high temperature hardness? 🧐

We can help you out with Specialis®! 🤙

Take a look at the paper "Characterization of a Novel Maraging Steel for Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion: Optimization of Process Parameters and Post Heat Treatments":


Key findings:

🔵 A novel maraging steel for AM by PBF-LB, Specialis®, was studied for suitable process parameters
🔵 The analysis of single track melt pool geometry was used in order to effectively determine suitable laser parameters for the PBF-LB processing of maraging steels
🔵 Vanadium supplement to the commonly known chemical composition of maraging steels increased the hardness after heat treatment by grain refinement
🔵 Specialis® can reach a hardness of over 756 ± 19 HV0.1 after solution treatment followed by a suitable aging treatment (ST+AT) at TA = 490 °C for 2 h, which is a short aging time compared to the commonly used heat treatment times of maraging steels (6 h)

Further Information:

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