Sourcing new LPBF materials

You need a new material for a promising LPBF application ❓ Learn how to increase your sourcing efficiency on MaterialsMonday

We believe that more qualified materials and better parameters will lead to more industrial applications and a faster technology adoption 💪🚀

What do you need for a short-term qualification of a new TRL 3 material for LPBF ❓

🔵 At least a small amount of high-quality metal powder
🔵 Powder processing (sieving and air classification) and powder analysis equipment (chemical and physical properties)
🔵 Specific Design of Experiment to identify a good set of initial process parameters
🔵 Materials laboratory to determine the resulting mechanical properties
🔵 …
🔵 … or write a short message to and we will care about the LPBF material qualification within the next 4 weeks 😉

💡 And soon, our AddiMap platform will make LPBF process parameters and material data tradable and sourcing even more simple. Be curious ❗

Fun fact: Did you know we produced 915 kg special metal powders from 35 different materials in 2021 for our material qualifcation processes and end customers? 😮

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