Presentation live at Rapid.Tech 3D

Most Wanted: New AM Metal Materials 👈 Join the presentation live at Rapid.Tech 3D

No doubt for us since 2014 ➡️ The MetalAM industry needs more qualified materials to push the industrialization forward and enable more functional optimized applications across all industries ❗

Our Head of Engineering Gregor Graf will be live at Rapid.Tech 3D on May 19 to provide some insights into Rosswag Engineering current activities on approaches to solving these challenges:

🔵 How to build the framework for the worlds fastest MetalAM material qualification process ❓
🔵 Why we had to qualify a worldwide unique material portfolio with more than 40 materials ❓
🔵 How to optimize materials for MetalAM process requirements ❓
🔵 How to use dual-laser LPBF processing for the production functionally graded microstructures for next generation MetalAM parts ❓
🔵 What is the vision of the AddiMap platform for faster Industrialization and Democratization of Metal 3Dprinting by providing all materials, parameters, data and services ❓

Further information:

  • Your material is not yet qualified for Metal AM? Get a free qualification worth €50,000+ on AddiMap:
  • Tailored MetalAM materials with our high-strength Specialis® tool steel:
  • Milestone achieved with 60,000 MetalAM parts produced since 2014 with 40 different materials:
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