AddiMap and qualloy are joining forces to shape the future of Metal AM

🚀 Exciting Announcement! qualloy and AddiMap - The AM Platform are joining forces to shape the future of Metal Additive Manufacturing! 🚀

We are thrilled to announce our strategic collaboration with qualloy, a cutting-edge digital marketplace for metal powders, streamlining the procurement process for AM users. qualloy connects sellers and buyers, offering a wide selection of certified global suppliers. With intelligent search algorithms, users can find the perfect match for their printers and specifications, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and cost optimization.

By combining our strengths, we aim to provide users with a comprehensive solution that simplifies the AM process and unlocks its full potential.

AddiMap's digital marketplace provides users with a plug-and-play solution for accessing a vast library of printing parameters for Laser Powder Bed Fusion. This democratization of knowledge and resources accelerates the industrialization of #MetalAM, empowering users to go from digital models to physical products with ease.

Together, qualloy and AddiMap are driving innovation in the AM industry, fostering growth, and advancing the adoption of this transformative technology 🚀

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