Rosswags Special Alloys on PROTIQ Marketplace

#MetalAM Parts with our Special Alloys Now Available on PROTIQ Marketplace! 🚀

🌟 Exciting News for the Metal Additive Manufacturing Community! 🌟 Rosswag Engineering has expanded its reach by listing special alloys on the PROTIQ Marketplace. This includes the cutting-edge Alloy 699 XA, the versatile Invar36, the innovative Aheadd CP1, and the machinist's favorite 42CrMo4.

By making these specialized materials available on Protiq, Rosswag is not just broadening its distribution but also empowering engineers and designers across industries to push the boundaries of what's possible with metal #3DPrinting. Whether it’s aerospace, automotive, or tooling, these materials are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of strength, precision, and durability 💪

🚀 Dive into the future of manufacturing! Explore these advanced alloys and ordner parts on the Protiq Marketplace and discover how Rosswag’s commitment to quality and innovation can enhance your next project. Let's innovate together!

👉 Learn more about our 50+ qualified #MetalAM materials:
👉 Further information as a press release:

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