Preventing the failure of Metal AM parts

How to prevent failures of critical MetalAM parts? 🤕 MaterialsMonday

Metal 3dprinting is emerging from prototyping towards the production of serial and safety-relevant parts. However, this also increases the risk of failures and critical voices on MetalAM. A taste of such reactions was seen at the olympics in Tokyo, after the 3D-printed titanium handlebar snapped from Australian cyclist Alex Porter at the speed of 65 km/h.

For us, this is another wake-up call that further strengthens our holistic but also cost-intensive strategy:
✅ Selection of the fitting material - if not available ➡️ In-house qualification
✅ Material classification according to Technology Readiness Level
✅ Extensive quality assurance of the metal powder
✅ Use of high-end simulation software from ANSYS for part and process design
✅ Regular system check-ups and in-process quality control
✅ Production test samples on every build job
✅ Testing with static and dynamic load cases

And with more data points available in our database for many material, part and parameter combinations over time, we can continuously optimize our process chain for even better results 🚀

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