Materials for Heat-Exchangers and Pressure Equipment

How to produce functional optimized heat exchangers according to pressure equipment directive by #MetalAM ⁉️ Learn more in cooperation with TÜV Süd on #MaterialsMonday

3D-printed pressure equipments and heat exchangers need suitable materials and statistical data basis. With our Manufacturing Execution System AddiPlan and our broad material portfolio Rosswag Engineering is perfectly positioned for these demanding applications!

The most interesting materials for these applications:

✅ 316L: This common stainless steel alloy is qualified by TÜV SÜD for #MetalAM pressure equipment
✅ IN625: This nickel based alloys is mainly used in high-temperature applications like our HPEX (
✅ Alloy 699 XA: Another nickel based alloy with superior metal dusting resistance.
✅ AISI 309 / 1.4828: High-temperature stainless steel for apparatus engineering.
✅ ABD-900 AM: A new high-end superalloy for temperatures above 900 °C

👉 Learn more about our 50+ qualified #MetalAM materials:

💡 Learn more about our certification activities together with TÜV SÜD in Verfahrenstechnik magazine:

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