One Powder fits all?

One size does NOT fit all ❌ Discover the power of tailored particle size distributions in #MetalAM 🛠️ #MaterialsMonday

When it comes to metal #AdditiveManufacturing, the choice of powder particle size can significantly impact the microstructure and, ultimately, the mechanical properties of the final part. Here's why customization matters:

👉 Enhanced Melting Dynamics: Fine-tuned particle sizes lead to more controlled melting behavior, reducing defects.
👉 Improved Surface Finish: Smoother surfaces are achievable by minimizing irregularities in powder layers.
👉 Increased Performance: Adjust particle sizes to enhance the mechanical and thermal properties of the end product.

Is standardization of metal powder holding back your #Innovation? 🚀

At Rosswag Engineering, we challenge the conventional limits of LPBF by developing custom solutions that cater to the unique needs of each application and customer.

Could your project benefit from customized particle sizes? How might it change the game for your applications? 💡

Read the full article in Nature Communications:

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