Newsletter 07/23 Nickel Superalloys

💪 What's your super power?

Nickel-based superalloys are widely used in Metal 3D-Printing. They can be used for demanding applications, especially in energy systems like gas turbines as well as at high temperatures, e.g. for heat-exchangers or complex pipings.

🔸INC625, INC718 & HASTELLOY X are widely used and are therefore perfect for prototypes and series production.

🔸ABD®-900 AM is optimised for high creep and tensile strength as well as corrosion / oxidation resistance, with a working temperature range up to 900°C.

🔸VDM® ALLOY 699 XA (2.4842/N06699 is a nickel-chromium-aluminum alloy patented by VDM Metals that features excellent metal dusting resistance.

🔸WASPALOY® is an age-hardened nickel-based superalloy and offers outstanding resistance to high temperatures as well as excellent oxidation resistance.

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