Nickel-based Superalloys

At Rosswag Engineering, we're proud to showcase our diverse portfolio of Nickel-Based Materials, each tailored to meet the demanding needs of different industrial applications.

Our selection includes Alloy 718, Alloy 625, Hastelloy X, Alloy 699 XA, ABD-900 AM, and Waspaloy - each offering unique properties like exceptional heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength at high temperatures.

These alloys represent the pinnacle of metal additive manufacturing, allowing for the creation of complex, high-performance components with unparalleled precision. From reducing lead times to enhancing material efficiency, our portfolio is designed to unlock new possibilities and drive innovation in critical industries. We are proud to work in several projects on the sustainable energy supply with H2 and green power.

Join us in leading the charge towards a more sustainable, efficient, and innovative future. Discover how our Nickel-Based Alloys can revolutionize your projects and applications.

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