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🌐 Exciting News! Our colleagues at Edelstahl Rosswag have just launched their brand new english homepage 🎉

Rosswag is celebrated as the Master of Materials, featuring an unmatched portfolio of over 400 materials – the most diverse selection for open-die forgings in the world. 🌍Whether you’re in aerospace, semiconductor, energy, or any other industry, Rosswag’s expertise ensures you’ll find the perfect material for your specific application.

Why does this matter? Having such a vast selection allows for greater customization and optimization of components, leading to enhanced performance, durability, and efficiency. Imagine the possibilities when you can precisely match the material to the exact demands of your project.

We have also used this material expertise in #MetalAM to offer our customers an unrivaled selection of materials for LPBF.

Visit their new site to explore the endless possibilities and see how Rosswag's commitment to innovation and quality can support your manufacturing needs. Let’s forge the future together!

👉 Explore the new homepage:
👉 Learn more about our 50+ qualified #MetalAM materials:

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