Metal AM Powder Recoater Test System

Check out our self-developed powder recoating test system for rapid characterization and quality assurance of metal powders!

The disadvantage of regular material qualifications on LPBF systems: Every material/powder needs individual particle size fraction for good flowability and LPBF processability! Too bad, if you get the results only in your LPBF system ­čĄö

Existing powder measurements, such as Hallflow tests, were developed for silo and conveyor technology and don't represent the recoating mechanism in the LPBF process. With our own recoater unit, it is now possible to simulate the powder application of different materials and to investigate the influence of particle size distribution, moisture content, recoater speed or different recoater lips.

Within just some minutes we can now evaluate the powder recoating process and add another efficiency increase into our holistic material qualification process chain for Metal AM.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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