Metal AM materials selector

"… AM materials selector is seemingly highly sought by practitioners …" 🤔 MaterialsMonday

Interesting outcome from the review paper "Alloy design and adaptation for additive manufacture".

"Most materials processed by AM today were not designed to match the requirements of AM processes. When assessing a component design and considering materials for AM it is often necessary to contemplate the inevitable trade-off between processability/printability (the material’s response to AM) and suitability to application."


We want to tackle this issue together with NuCOS on AddiMap. Keep up the expontential growth of material innovations and increase the material choice for successful and function-optimized applications in MetalAM can only work if the community works together 🚀🤝

Our vision at Rosswag Engineering since 2014: Build the world's most efficient qualification framework for new #MetalAM materials to satisfy on-demand needs within agile and innovative development processes

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