Rapid qualification of Metal AM materials

Case study with Materialise, Zeiss Industrial Metrology and Senvol 🤝 Rapidly Qualifying New Alloys and Parameters for Laser Powder Bed Fusion 🚀

Together with these high-level partners, we worked in an industrial collaboration for an end-to-end parameter qualification workflow. At Rosswag Engineering we streamlined our qualifiaction processes with four mayor improvements based on innovative software tools and testing possibilites from our partners:

✅ Fast and intelligent design of experiments (DoE) setup
✅ Automated data preparation and early detection of unwanted test coupons
✅ Swift, consistent, and multi-level test coupon characterization
✅ Comprehensive and quick process modeling

We believe that more qualified materials and better parameters will lead to more industrial applications and a faster technology adoption 💪

Next step towards our vision at Rosswag Engineering since 2014: Build the world's most efficient qualification framework for new MetalAM materials to satisfy on-demand needs within agile and innovative development processes 💪

Further information:

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