Material Qualification for free

There is nothing for free ❓ Except a new MetalAM material qualification worth €50,000+ 🤑

How to get that ❓

🔵 Go to and participate at the survey
🔵 One of the materials with the highest demand will be qualified by Rosswag Engineering and the results and data will be shared with the participants

Why do we do that ❓

🔵 At AddiMap we build a platform to provide all materials, parameters, data and services for the accelerated industrialization and democratization of Metal #3dprinting
🔵 We got some funding money recently and we want to use that for showing the benefits of our platform approach to the MetalAM community
🔵 We believe that more qualified materials will lead to more industry applications and a faster technology adoption

Please comment below or share the post to reach as much MetalAM fellows as possible 🙏

Further Information:

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