Materials Monday: 60 hrc hardness material

The requirements regarding the materials in use are steadily increasing in the AM market. As part of a GER-CAN research project (HiPTSLAM), the development of high-performance tool steels for AM is a promising topic regarding the acceptance of LPBF technology for functionally optimized die, forming and cutting tools.

The ongoing qualification of our new maraging tool steel alloy Specialis® with a hardness of more than 60 HRC is the first big accomplishment out of the project.

Happy to partner with Blue Power Casting Systems, Gühring, KIT WBK, CMQ, Laval University, McGill University, ArcelorMittal, BID Group, Canimex, Dienamex, Magna and Pyrogenesis in the HiPTSLAM project.

Read the Paper:

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