Material Characteristics

The copper-tin alloy bronze is a construction material with medium hardness and high ductility. CuSn10 is characterised by good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, especially against atmospheric influences, as a firmly adhering and dense protective layer is formed on the surface. Bronze is used as a construction material for pump housings and impellers or water turbines due to these tribological and corrosive resistances. Other fields of application include valve housings, guide wheels and impellers as well as general mechanical engineering.

PropertiesUnitAs built 1)
Tensile Strength RmMpa510 ±20
Yield Strength Rp0,2MPa385 ±15
Elongation at Break A5%22 ±5
Young‘s Modulus EGPa110 ±10
Hardness HV160 ±5

Chemical Composition

ElementMass Fraction [%]
Sn9.0 - 10.0

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