A visit from Korea for our Blue Power Atomizer from Indutherm

🌍 Last week during FormNext, a group from Korea visited our company for our Blue Power Atomizer from Indutherm. Our Atomizer is successfully operating since 2017 and Rosswag Engineering has already qualified over 50+ materials for our #3dprinting processes.

We did walk through our company and showed our capabilities in forging and machining at Edelstahl Rosswag

Afterwards we made a deep-dive into our holistic #MetalAM process chain.

Many thanks for the visit, the interesting exchange and also for the delicious roasted, seasoed seaweed you did bring us from Korea!

You want to learn more about our powder production ❓

🔗 Feel free to visit our homepage: www.rosswag-engineering.com

Sea biestiel korb - seoul (SeAH BeSteel Corp.)

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