INVIRTA Workshop

Thanks to Patrick J. Masset for hosting the INVIRTA workshop related to steel powder materials for AM technologies yesterday 👨‍🏫

Our Head of Engineering Gregor Graf presented some insights regarding current activities of Rosswag Engineering:

🔵 How to build the framework for the worlds fastest MetalAM material qualification process
🔵 Exclusive material portfolio with more than 40 materials already qualified
🔵 How to use dual-laser LPBF processing for the production functionally graded microstructures
🔵 The vision of our AddiMap platform for faster Industrialization and Democratization of Metal 3D-Printing by providing all materials, parameters, data and services

Thanks to the other key experts for the valuable insights:

  • Dr. Horst Hill, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke
  • Corina Junghetu, GKN Hoeganaes
  • Christian Gerking, NANOVAL GmbH & Co. KG

Further Information:

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