Increase material variety in Metal AM

Will the industrialization of #MetalAM ❌ fail ❌ because nobody wants to take the costs and risks for material qualification ❓ #MaterialsMonday

Harsh statement - but we see some strong indications:

❌ System providers focus on system sales and don't want to invest in "niche materials"
❌ Powder providers focus on large quantities and already qualified materials
❌ Service providers don't want to change materials too often and shy away from qualification costs an risks
➡️ No suitable material available ➡️ Failed AM application of end customer ❌

We at Rosswag Engineering want to tackle this issue 💪 and Gregor Graf talked about the topic "Which material for which application?" at the panel discussion during 5th Additive Manufacturing Forum Digital Edition.

A very insightful discussion together with Rüdiger Franke from Fehrmann Alloys GmbH & Co. KG and Juergen Wachter from Heraeus

▶️ If you missed the panel discussion, you can watch it here (in 🇩🇪):

Our vision since 2014 ➡️ Build the world's most efficient qualification process chain for new Metal AM materials to satisfy on-demand needs within agile and innovative development processes 🚀

⚙️ Holistic in-house process chain with small-batch metal powder atomization

📅 Initial mechanical results from laboratory after 2-4 weeks ➡️ No time and ressources wasted ❗

🤓 Science-oriented with DoE and process simulation software

✅ Qualification process chain validated on more than 40 LPBF materials

🤝 All material and data from one single source

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