Fatigue Testing with Constellium Aheadd CP1

🚀 Exceeding Performance Standards with Rosswag's Fatigue Testing #MaterialsMonday

When it comes to metal AM, the true test of innovation is endurance. Regarding the results of fatigue tests by Constellium, which where presented by Ravi Shavani last December in Milano Italy, Constellium's Aheadd® CP1 is not just tested; it's proven.

Our comprehensive process chain ensures that every batch of AM alloy exceeds the fatigue performance standards of DIN 50142. Are you ready to challenge the limits of what's possible with your AM projects? Step into the future with Rosswag's fatigue testing.

Get Your Materials Tested!

☑️ 3D printing and CNC machining of ~30 samples
☑️ Testing within 4-6 weeks
☑️ Evaluation of the results including the S-N-curve

💲 Initial package price: Less than 10.000 €

Learn more about the aluminium alloy Aheadd® CP1 and request your samples, prototypes or series parts now: www.rosswag-engineering.com

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