Low-budget fatigue testing for AM parts

"Fatigue testing is too expensive - let's stick to tensile tests for AM parts" ⁉️ Does this sound familiar to you ❓ ➡️ We have the solution ❗ #MaterialsMonday

☝️ By the combination of an electrodynamic testing machine with the innovative and flat bendings test setup according to DIN 50142:2019, we can offer the cheapest but certified fatigue testing for #MetalAM parts.

Additional information:

☑️ 3D printing and CNC machining of ~30 samples
☑️ Testing within 4-6 weeks
☑️ Evaluation of the results including the S-N-curve

💲 Initial package price: Less than 10.000 €

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us via ✉️ info@rosswag-engineering.de or directly our expert Michael Flamm

🔎 Browse our extensive #MetalAM material database: www.rosswag-engineering.com

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