Fatigue Testing for Metal AM 42CrMo4 1.7225 Flat bending

↕️ Shake it like a … Q&T steel for highly dynamic applications on #MaterialsMonday

How do you test the fatique performance of your materials and thin-walled parts ❓

We took our exclusive MetalAM Q&T steel 42CrMo4 / 1.7225 / AISI 4140 to the next Technology Readiness Level by testing the fatique performance 🆙

☑️ 60 thin-walled specimen produced and tested
☑️ Flat bending according to DIN 50142 @ 60 Hz
☑️ Own testing device and fixture validated
☑️ Alternating bending stress conditions
☑️ Full Wöhler diagram possible in about 6 weeks with 30 samples

  • We will share the results soon - Stay tuned ❗
  • Are you interested in the fatigue performance of your materials or thin-walled AM parts ❓ Get in touch with us ❗
  • New milestone achieved with 60,000 MetalAM parts produced since 2014 with 40 different materials: www.linkedin.com
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