Exclusive Metal AM materials by Rosswag

Ever wanted to use #MetalAM to optimize your product oder manufacturing process and the required material wasn't available ❓ That was our trigger to establish the world's fastest material qualification process for LPBF 🚀 #MaterialsMonday
More than 40 materials qualified until now and we are still not finished yet 📈

Pick a material from our exclusive material portfolio and we will produce your parts with our holistic process chain ❗
… or get in touch regarding the qualification of your individual material solution for LPBF ❗

🤩 Some recent highlights to share:
✔️ Maraging Hot-Work Steel Specialis® for high-performance tools

✔️ Q&T Steel AISI 4041 / 42CrMo4 for highly loaded parts

✔️ High-Temperature Steel AISI 309 / 1.4828 for high-temperature applications up to 1000 °C

✔️ Iron Nickel Alloy Invar 36 / 1.3912 for demanding applications in optoelectonics and sensor systems

✔️Non-Magnetizable Stainless Steel AISI XM 19 / 1.3964 for handling sensitive electronic parts

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