Enhanced grooving tools by Metal AM

📈 Improve the productivity of your grooving processes by more than 20 % and "save over €400,000 🤑 a year" with #MetalAM cutting tools from ARNO and Rosswag

Paper released by wbk Institut für Produktionstechnik regarding the "Enhancement of Groove Turning Performance by Additively Manufactured Tool Holders with Internal Cooling Channels and Combined Cooling Strategies"

🔗 Link: https://dx.doi.org

Additively manufactured grooving tool holder based on the concept from ARNO and Rosswag Engineering
✅ Different cooling strategies analyzed (flood cooling (FC), cryogenic cooling (LN2), minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), and combinations of them)
✅ Grooving of Ti-6Al-4V (3.7165) to validate the performance and lifetime increase of the tool inserts
✅ The secondary edge cooling as well as combined cooling strategies reduce wear by up to 12 %
✅ The combination of FC and MQL leads to a cutting length greater than 10,000 m at 20 % higher productivity

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And don't worry, we have already produced several thousand tools, so there is enough in stock for everyone 😉
Thanks to our student alumni Nitin Reothia who conducted this study during his master thesis!

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