Engagement Rings LPBF jewelry

💍 You can't say no to a 3D-printed engagement ring 💍

Some happy news for the beginning of 2️0️2️2️

Our colleague Michael Flamm has made the most of the quiet days with his family and we can congratulate him on his engagement.

You may think now we do jewelry as well. Well that’s not what we usually produce on our LPBF systems but look at those beauties made of 316L 😍

We supported our colleague to carry out his wedding proposal with custom-designed rings. Due to the low polymetric appearance it was possible to high end finish the outer surfaces while keeping the small triangles still visible as an LPBF processed piece of art.

Perfect application to print on our small Alpha Laser LPBF system with a fine 50 µm laser spot size for highest surface quality 🔍

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