What are the economic advantages of metal 3D-printing?

When it comes to a direct comparison of the production costs of components from metal 3D-printing versus conventional manufacturing processes, we can often help very quickly with a holistic cost analysis to determine whether additive manufacturing is also technically and financially reasonable for your application.

For prototypes and small series, metal 3D-printing can achieve significant advantages with fast delivery times and tool-free manufacturing - especially when time is prioritized over costs. All necessary processes before and after metal 3D-printing are available from a single source at Rosswag Engineering for maximum efficiency.

For series components, the advantage of the metal 3D-printing process is often the function-optimized geometry of the component. For example, if subsequent process steps in machining or assembly can be saved as a result, there is a cost advantage. In addition, metal 3D-printing can also be used to introduce added value into the component that cannot be realized using conventional manufacturing processes. This results in significant cost savings, especially in subsequent operation, despite possibly higher manufacturing costs. Examples of this can be found in our reference projects.


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